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Full List of Ecuador Newspapers and News sites

El Comercio

Leading daily Spanish-language newspaper based in Avenida. El Comercio was founded in 1906. El Comercio is a Peruvian newspaper based in Lima. Founded in 1839, it is the oldest newspaper in Peru and one of the oldest Spanish-language papers in the world. It has a daily circulation of more than 120,000. It is one of the most influential media in Peru.

El Universo

El Universo is one of the largest daily newspapers in Ecuador. It was founded in 1921 and the first edition was published on September 16 of the same year. Its headquarters are located in Guayaquil. The newspaper has been published since its foundation with only small interruptions during the dictatorship.

La Hora

La Hora is the newspaper with the most regional editions in Ecuador. It specializes in regional news and runs a total of 10 regional editions. The headquarters of La Hora are located in Quito.

El Telegrafo

El Telégrafo is a Spanish-language daily newspaper in Guayaquil, Ecuador founded in 1884.

Metro Quil

Expreso (Guayaquil)



Ecuador Inmediato‎

El Diario (Portoviejo)

The daily newspaper Manabita. News, photo galleries, statistics

El Tiempo (Cuenca)

Ultimas Noticias

Últimas Noticias is a daily newspaper in Venezuela, British-owned and characterized by The Guardian as a “pro-Maduro tabloid”. Últimas Noticias was founded in Caracas on 16 September 1941 after the pro-freedom measures implemented by President Medina Angarita.

El Norte

El Heraldo (Ambato)

Cronica (Loja)

La Gaceta (Latacunga)

La Prensa (Riobamba)

La Prensa de Riobamba is a fair and objective portal, where readers can find the best information, recent events and entertainment news.

Correo (Machala)

Opinion (Machala)

La Republica

Ecuador en Vivo

News from Ecuador and the world live, politics, economy, sports, culture, society, technology, people, opinion and interviews.

Los Andes (Diario Los Andes)

Los Andes is an Argentine daily newspaper published in the city of Mendoza. The newspaper was founded in 1883 by Adolfo Calle. It is not related to the Los Andes newspaper in Peru. In September 1995, it became the first Argentine newspaper to become available on the internet.

El Rio

La Nación

La Nación is an Argentine daily newspaper. As the country’s leading conservative paper, La Nación’s main competitor is the centrist Clarín. It is regarded as a newspaper of record for Argentina. Its motto is: “La Nación will be a tribune of doctrine.”

La Tarde (Cuenca)

Prensa La Verdad

La Verdad (Milagro)

El Ecuatoriano‎

PP El Verdadero‎

News from Ecuador and the World. Check live the main news of Ecuador, find national and international news.

Ecuador Transparente

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