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Full List of Hungarian Newspapers and News Sites


Blikk is a Hungarian daily tabloid newspaper published in Budapest, Hungary that is owned by the German-Swiss media company, Ringier-Axel Springer. It is one of four tabloid dailies on the Hungarian market including Színes Ász, Bors and Ripost.

Magyar Nemzet

Magyar Nemzet is a major Hungarian newspaper published in Hungary.


Népszabadság was a major left-leaning Hungarian newspaper.

Nemzeti Sport

Hungarian sports newspaper covering football, tennis, volleyball, baseball, basketball, and other sports.


Népszava is a social-democratic Hungarian language newspaper published in Hungary.


Világgazdaság is the leading Hungarian business daily newspaper, operating as part of Mediaworks Hungary Zrt.The newspaper is traditionally issued on every Budapest Stock Exchange trading day.

Vas Népe

Vas Népe is a Hungarian daily newspaper, published in Vas County. It usually has between 16 and 28 pages, and has a print run of 60,000 and a readership of around 185,000. It has a remarkably high penetration, not only for Hungary but for the whole world, in that it is read in over 80% of homes.

Mai Nap

Mai Nap was a tabloid newspaper published daily in Budapest, Hungary. It began publishing early in the country’s post-communist era.

Magyar Hirlap

Magyar Hírlap is a Hungarian daily newspaper owned by entrepreneur Gábor Széles. It is known as a supporter of political parties of Hungary with conservative and traditional values, whereas it was formerly known for a liberal stance.

Budapest Times

The Budapest Times is an English-language newspaper reporting on events in Hungary. The paper is published weekly and is owned by Budapest-Zeitung Kft.

Élet és Irodalom

Élet és Irodalom is a weekly Hungarian magazine about literature and politics.


Figyelő is a Christian-conservative Hungarian business magazine published every Thursday by the Hungarian publishing company K4A Lapkiadó.

Heti Válasz

Heti Válasz is a conservative online publication in Hungary.


Eszak Magyarorszag

Budapester Zeitung

Budapester Zeitung is a privately owned German-language weekly newspaper published in Budapest, Hungary. It was established in April 1999 and has a circulation of about 7000 copies. Since 2003 there has been an English-language sister newspaper, The Budapest Times.

Pester Lloyd

Pester Lloyd is a German-language online daily newspaper from Budapest, Hungary with the focus “on Hungary and Eastern Europe”.

Kelet Magyarorszag

Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Its capital, Budapest, is bisected by the Danube River. Its cityscape is studded with architectural landmarks from Buda’s medieval Castle Hill and grand neoclassical buildings along Pest’s Andrássy Avenue to the 19th-century Chain Bridge. Turkish and Roman influence on Hungarian culture includes the popularity of mineral spas, including at thermal Lake Hévíz. 

Zalai Hirlap a Hungarian news website covering both Hungarian and international news. In 2018, it was the most visited Hungarian website with an average of 1.5 million daily readers. While most of the website’s articles are written in Hungarian, Index also publishes several articles in English every week.


Xpatloop seeks to facilitate a better understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of life in Hungary for expats and locals alike. As a portal, we share news, views

Budapest Beacon

The Budapest Beacon was an online newspaper that reported on current events in Hungary. It was published by the United States-based Real Reporting Foundation, a news organization.


The portfolio is an online financial newspaper in Hungary with a user count of one million per month as of 2018. Portfolio Group was ranked among the ten most-read news sites and the 15 most visited websites in Hungary. Its main publication, has a special emphasis on business, economic and financial news.‎


ATV is a Turkish free-to-air television network that was launched in September 1993. ATV is an acronym of Actual Television. As of August 2013, ATV was Turkey’s most popular channel with a market share of 22%. ATV was founded by Dinç Bilgin, who is the original owner of the channel.

Szeretlek magyarorszag





168 ora



Heves Megyei Hirlap‎

Le Petit Journal‎

Pecsi Napilap

Pecsi Ujsag






Pedagogusok Lapja

Fejer Megyei Hírlap


Magyar Idok



Magyar Forum

Elet es Tudomany

Szabad Fold

‎Magyar Nemzet

Uj szo


Dunaujvaros Online‎

‎Budapest Business Journal


Le Journal Francophone de

Net Hirlap‎

Xin Dao Bao

Ludove Noviny

Magyar Tokepiac‎

Info Miskolc

American-Hungarian News

Hungarian News Agencies

Havaria Press

Havaria Press Press Agency in English Language Publishing From Hungary.

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