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Libyan Newspapers, Magazines and News Sites

Libya Akhbar

Libya News, the first Libyan news search engine, a site that publishes the latest news of Libya today from all sources every minute in one place.

Afrigate News

Al Marsad

Al-Marsad – Arab Human Rights Centre in Golan Heights is an independent, not-for-profit international human rights organization with no religious or political affiliation that operates in the Golan Heights.

‎New Libya

Libya Herald

The Libya Herald is an English-language newspaper based in Tripoli, Libya, launched on 17 February 2012.

Libya Observer

The Libya Observer is an English and Arabic online daily newspaper based in Tripoli, Libya, created in 2015.



Almusallh magazine is a monthly magazine specialized in defense and strategic affairs. It is issued by the Libyan National Army.


Libya Al Mokhtar‎

Al Ayam

AlAyam is an Arabic newspaper published in Bahrain and based in Manama. AlAyam Publishing was established on 7 March 1989, by a group of young Bahraini journalists which was unique in the Arab world. It is founded by the former information minister, Nabeel Al Hamer.

Libyan Express

Stay up to date with the latest and breaking news across Libya. With exclusives, interviews, opinions, pictures and videos from Libyan News.

Libya Business News

The Libya Monitor is the country’s leading source of business, economic and financial information.


Libya Watanona

Ean Libya

Ean Libya is an online, London based Arabic language news website focusing on events in Libya, North Africa. The paper also has an office in Tripoli The Editor in Chief is Dr Ramadan Mohammed supported by Editorial Director Ali Hussein.


Al-Wasat, also Alwasat, is an Arabic-language daily newspaper in Manama, Bahrain. Al-Wasat was generally regarded as the only independent newspaper in Bahrain. The newspaper ran for 15 years, during which it provided reporting unique to Bahrain.

Libya’s Channel

218TV is a Libyan free-to-air satellite channel founded in 2015 in Amman, Jordan. The channel provides several news broadcasts along with various social and entertainment shows.

Jamahiriya News Agency

The Libya News Agency, also known as a wall, was the official state news agency of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. It continues to operate online on

State-owned news agency.

Al Rassed Al Liby

Al Mukhtar Al Arabi‎

Libya Monitor

The Libya Monitor is the country’s leading source of business, economic and financial information.

Libya Al Salam

Libya Times

A reliable source for news and views on Libya brought to you by professional Libyan journalists with unmatched access in Libya’s political and business circles.

Libya Prospect‎

Libya Prospect takes its readers and followers to the fields of the truth. It opens its doors for diverse and free opinions; accepting all kinds of contradiction.

El Khabar

Elkhabar is a daily newspaper in Algeria published seven days a week in the tabloid format. It is one of the most widely read Algerian newspapers. El Khabar′s web service publishes selected news in Arabic and French, with a minor section in English, though often poorly translated.


Libya Al-Wataniyah TV

Al Raseefa

Libya News

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