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Moskovskij Komsomolets (Московский комсомолец)

Moskovskij Komsomolets is a Moscow-based daily newspaper with a circulation approaching one million, covering general news. Founded in 1919, it is famed for its topical reporting on Russian politics and society.

Komsomolskaya Pravda (Комсомо́льская пра́вда)

Komsomolskaya Pravda is a daily Russian tabloid newspaper, founded on 13 March 1925.

Izvestia (ɪzˈvʲestʲɪjə)

Izvestia is a daily broadsheet newspaper in Russia. It was a newspaper of record in the Soviet Union from 1917 until the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. The word izvestiya in Russian means “bring news” or “tidings”, “herald”, derived from the verb izveshchat.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Российская газета)

Rossiyskaya Gazeta is a Russian newspaper published by the Government of Russia. The daily newspaper serves as the official government gazette of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Kommersant (Коммерса́нтъ)

Kommersant is a nationally distributed daily newspaper published in Russia mostly devoted to politics and business. It is a leading liberal business broadsheet. The TNS Media and NRS Russia certified July 2013 circulation of the daily was 120,000–130,000.

Trud (Tpyд)

Trud is a Russian newspaper. Trud’s first issue was on February 19, 1921, in Moscow, in what was then the Soviet Union. Under the Soviet state, the paper published the work of famous writers and poets, including Vladimir Mayakovsky, Nikolai Rubtsov, Yuri Nagibin, and Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

Moskovskiye Novosti (Московские новости)

Moskovskiye Novosti was a Russian-language daily newspaper in Russia relaunched in 2011. The paper – by then a ‘youth-oriented free sheet handed out at more than 850 places around Moscow – on 23 January 2014 announced that it would cease publication on 1 February that year.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Независимая газета)

The daily newspaper based in Moscow, Russia. Weekly Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye (NVO) is the supplement to Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

Novye Izvestia (Новые Известия)

Novye Izvestia is an online newspaper, published in Moscow, Russia. Until 2016, it also published a print edition.

Vedomosti (Ведомости) (business newspaper)

Vedomosti is a Russian-language business daily newspaper published in Moscow.

Pravda (Russian: Правда)

Pravda is a Russian broadsheet newspaper, formerly the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, when it was one of the most influential papers in the country with a circulation of 11 million.

Delovoy Peterburg

Delovoy Peterburg is a Russian language daily business newspaper published in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

RBC daily

RBK Daily is a general business newspaper published in Moscow, Russia.

Sport Express (Спорт-Экспресс)

Sport-Express is a Russian daily sports newspaper founded by Vladimir Kuchmiy. Printed in 31 cities of Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the United States, it is the biggest-selling sports newspaper in Russia, with a daily audience of over 700,000 people. Sport-Express was founded in 1991.

Sovetsky Sport (Советский спорт)

Sovetsky Sport is a Russian national daily sports newspaper. Between 1924 and 1946 the newspaper was called Red Sports, it was not printed between 1928 and 1932.

Moscow Times

The Moscow Times is an independent English-language online newspaper based in Moscow. It was in print from 1992 until 2017 and was distributed free of charge at places frequented by English-speaking tourists and expatriates such as hotels, cafés, embassies, and airlines, and also by subscription.

Russia Beyond the Headlines (RBTH)

Russia Beyond is a Russian state-owned multilingual publication operated by TV-Novosti, offering news, comment, opinion and analysis on culture, politics, business, science and public life in Russia.

Krasnaya Zvezda (Кра́сная звезда́)

Krasnaya Zvezda is the official newspaper of the Soviet and later Russian Ministry of Defence. Today its official designation is “Central Organ of the Russian Ministry of Defence.”

Moskovskaya Pravda (Московская правда)

Moskovskaya Pravda is a daily morning newspaper of Russia, and formerly of the Soviet Union.

Argumenty i Fakty (Аргументы и факты)

Argumenty i Fakty is a weekly newspaper based in Moscow and a publishing house in Russia and worldwide. As of 2008, it was owned by Promsvyazbank and the newspaper is edited by Nikolay Zyatkov. On 7 March 2014, it was bought by the Government of Moscow.

Sovetsky Sakhalin (Советский Сахалин)

Sovetskiy Sakhalin (Russian: Советский Сахалин ~ Soviet Sakhalin) is a black-and-white newspaper published in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. It was founded on May 1, 1925. It is distributed on Sakhalin and in the Kuril Islands and comes out four days a week, Tuesday through Friday.

Tyumenskaya Oblast Segodnya

Tyumenskaya oblastʹ segodnya is a daily Russian socio-political tabloid. The area of distribution covers the territory of Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The newspaper is an official newspaper of the Government of the Tyumen Region.

Vecherniy Murmansk (Вечерний Мурманск)

Vecherniy Murmansk (Russian: “Вечерний Мурманск” ~ The Evening Murmansk) is an evening newspaper published in Murmansk, Russia. It was founded on January 2, 1991.

Vecherniy Novosibirsk (Вечерний Новосибирск)

Vecherniy Novosibirsk (Russian: “Вечерний Новосибирск” ~ The Evening Novosibirsk) is a newspaper published in Novosibirsk, Russia. It comes out five times a week, 250 times a year. As of 2007, the editor-in-chief is Vladimir Ivanovich Kuzmenkin.

Vecherniy Stavropol (Вечерний Ставрополь)

Vecherniy Stavropol (Russian: Вечерний Ставрополь; The Evening Stavropol) is a newspaper published in Stavropol, Russia since 1989. It comes out five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday. The circulation, as of 2007, is 25,473, except on Thursday when it is 31,571. The editor-in-chief, as of 2007, is Mr. Mikhail Y.

Vremya Novostei (Время новостей)

Vremya Novostei was a Russian business socio-political daily newspaper based in Moscow. Vremya Novostei was founded in 2000 by former Vremya MN newspaper journalists led by editor-in-chief Vladimir Gurevich retiring in consequence of the non-payment of wages.

Novaya Gazeta (Новая газета)

Novaya Gazeta is a Russian sociopolitical newspaper known in its country for its critical and investigative coverage of Russian political and social affairs. It is published in Moscow, in regions within Russia, and in some foreign countries.

Novgorod (Новгород)

Gazeta Novgorod is a weekly newspaper published in 1990.

Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti

The Vedomosti was the first newspaper printed in Russia. It was established by Peter the Great’s ukase dated 16 December 1702. The first issue appeared on 2 January 1703.

The eXile

The eXile was a Moscow-based English-language biweekly free tabloid newspaper, aimed at the city’s expatriate community, which combined outrageous, sometimes satirical, content with investigative reporting.

Literaturnaya Gazeta

Literaturnaya Gazeta is a weekly cultural and political newspaper published in Russia and the Soviet Union. It was published for two periods in the 19th century and was revived in 1929.

Parlamentskaia Gazeta

Parlamentskaia Gazeta Media Listing in the Russia Media Directory Maintained by EIN Presswire.

Ria novosti‎

RIA Novosti sometimes referred to as RIAN or RIA is a Russian state-owned domestic news agency, which since 9 December 2013 has operated under Rossiya Segodnya. RIA Novosti is headquartered in Moscow. The chief editor is Anna Gavrilova.

Lenta‎ is a Russian-language online newspaper. Based in Moscow, it is owned by Rambler Media Group which belongs to Prof-Media. In 2013, the companies “SUP Media” and “Rambler-Afisha” united in the combined company “Afisha.Rambler.SUP”.‎

Sport segodnia

Russkaya vesna


Meduza is a Riga-based online newspaper and news aggregator in the Russian language, created by Galina Timchenko, the former editor-in-chief of the Russian news website The project started on October 20, 2014. Free mobile applications for iOS, Windows Phone and Android became the basis of the media.


REGNUM News Agency is a Russian non-governmental, nationwide online news service disseminating news from Russia and abroad from its own correspondents, affiliate agencies and partners. REGNUM covers events in all regions of Russia as well as neighboring countries in Europe, Central Asia and the South Caucasus.

‎News ru

NEWSru is a Russian online news site, based in Moscow and has a government critical orientation.


inoSMI is an internet media project that monitors and translates articles published in foreign and Western media into Russian and is part of the state media group Russia Today.

TV Zvezda‎

Zvezda is a Russian state-owned nationwide TV network run by the Russian Ministry of Defence. As of January 2008, Zvezda’s CEO was Grigory Krichevsky, previously known for his work on Vladimir Gusinsky’s NTV Channel in the late 1990s.

E1 ekarerinburg1

The latest freshest news of Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region for today – online on the site e1ru .

Radio sovoboda

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a United States government-funded organization that broadcasts and reports news, information, and analysis to countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia.

Svobodnaya pressa

NGS Novosibirsk‎



Rosbalt is a news agency that publishes the latest news, commentary from professionals, analytical articles, and much more.



M24 moscow

Moscow 24 is a Russian 24-hour TV channel, a part of the “Moscow Media” Incorporated editorial office of Moscow media sources and referred to All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.




the Russian version of the Metro newspaper. In Russia, the newspaper with the green logo Metro International began to appear in 2005.


Russkaya planeta



Media Korset

Media Korset Russian newspaper in Russia. This online Media Korset newspaper displays updated news every time.

Novy Vzglyad

Novy Vzglyad is a weekly newspaper published in Moscow, Russia. It used to be well known for its commentaries on politics and social issues in the 1990s.

Expatica (Russia)

Expatica is an online news and information portal that specifically serves English-speaking expatriates and the international community. It was founded by Canadian Bram Lebo in 2000. Expatica’s content has always been produced and managed by expatriates for expatriates.


Leading business news agency.


RT is a state-controlled international television network funded by the federal tax budget of the Russian government. It operates pay television channels directed to audiences outside of Russia, as well as providing Internet content in English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and Russian.


Kodima is a Veps and Russian-language monthly published in Petrozavodsk, in the Republic of Karelia, which is distributed for free. It’s the only newspaper published in Veps-Language.

Tverskaya Zhizn

Tverskaya Zhizn‘ was first published on November 15, 1917.

Ekonomika i Zhizn

Ekonomika i Zhizn is a local newspaper in Moscow Russia covering local business news.

Argumenty i Fakty

Argumenty i Fakty is a weekly newspaper based in Moscow and a publishing house in Russia and worldwide. As of 2008, it was owned by Promsvyazbank and the newspaper is edited by Nikolay Zyatkov. On 7 March 2014, it was bought by the Government of Moscow.

Altaiskaia Pravda


Pravda Severa

Pravda Severa (Russian: “Правда Севера”, Truth of the North) is a Russian Arkhangelsk-based newspaper, published since 1917. It is issued three times a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday in the A3 format. The Wednesday circulation is 20,050 copies, with 7,000—8,000 copies on Tuesday and Saturday.

Nasha Versia (Наша Версия)

Nasha Versija is a Moscow-based Russian weekly tabloid founded in 1998 by Artyom Borovik, nowadays owned by Nikolai Zyatkov, former editor-in-chief of Argumenty I Fakty newspaper. Weekly print circulation of 170 000 in March 2017. The newspaper adheres to the generally accepted standards of investigative journalism.


News of railway transport, mechanical engineering and logistics.

Vechernyaya Moskva

Vechernyaya Moskva is a Russian local newspaper published in Moscow on 6 December 1923 daily. It was founded as an organ of the Mossovet, later as an organ of the city committee of the CPSU and the Mossovet. Since 1990 it is published by the joint-stock company Concern ‘Vechernyaya Moskva’.

Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye

Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye, NVO is a Russian weekly newspaper supplement to Nezavisimaya Gazeta dedicated to military posture, military science, the activity of secret services, military technology, weapons, the military history of Russia, as well as of other countries.

Le Courrier de Russie (in French)

Le Courrier de Russie is a French-language media dedicated to Russia which offers its readers a daily perspective on all the news in this country. Created in 2002.


Angliya is a leading newspaper in the Russian language in the UK with content orientated for the dynamic Russian-speaking community.

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