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It is one of the largest Turkish newspapers. Hürriyet is one of the major Turkish newspapers, founded in 1948. As of January 2018, it had the highest circulation of any newspaper in Turkey at around 319,000. Hürriyet has a mainstream, liberal and conservative outlook.


Milliyet is a Turkish daily newspaper published in Istanbul, Turkey.

Yeni Şafak

Yeni Şafak is a conservative, Islamist Turkish daily newspaper. The newspaper is known for its hardline support of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the AK Parti and has a very close relationship with the Turkish government.


Posta is a mass market Turkish daily newspaper, with the second highest circulation in Turkey. It began publication in 1995 and its first issue was released on January 23. Posta had a daily circulation of approximately 516,000 in 2009.


Akşam is a Turkish newspaper founded in 1918, owned by Ethem Sancak’s TürkMedya Grup since 2013. In 2013 it had a circulation of around 100,000.


Sözcü (English: Spokesperson) is a popular Turkish daily newspaper. Sözcü was first published on 27 June 2007 and is distributed nationwide.


Habertürk, abbreviated as HT, was a high-circulation Turkish newspaper. It was established on March 1, 2009 by Ciner Media Group, drawing on the brand of Ciner’s Habertürk TV. It ceased publication on 5 July, 2018. The newspaper sold on its first day of publication 360,000 copies.

Yeni Akit

Yeni Akit is an Islamic-conservative Turkish daily newspaper. According to a report published by the Hrant Dink Foundation, Yeni Akit is one of the top three Turkish newspapers featuring hate speech.Yeni Akit is an avid supporter of the AKP and has close ties with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


Hürriyet Daily News is the leading news source for Turkey and the region.


Get the latest headlines, top stories and breaking news on politics, business, travel, sports and more from Turkey and around the world at

Star Gazetesi

Star was a high-circulation Turkish newspaper. It was established in 1999 by Star Media Group, drawing on the brand of the group’s Star TV channel. At the end of 2019, the newspaper ceased its print publication, announcing it would continue news coverage online.


Türkiye is a Turkish newspaper. The paper was founded by Enver Ören in 1970 as Hakikat, and was renamed Türkiye in 1972. It reached 119,000 circulation in 1985, and 300,000 in 1989. Notable contributors include Rahîm Er. Türkiye’s parent company, İhlas Gazetecilik, was floated on the Istanbul Stock Exchange in 2010.


Cumhuriyet is the oldest up-market Turkish daily newspaper. It has been described as “the most important independent public interest newspaper in contemporary Turkey”. The newspaper was awarded the Freedom of Press Prize by Reporters Without Borders in 2015 and the Alternative Nobel Prize in 2016.

En Son Haber

It is one of the most popular online newspapers in Turkey. Haberler ve güncel gelişmeler, gündemden ekonomiye son dakika haberler Türkiye’nin en çok takip edilen flaş haber sitesi En Son Haber‘de.


Mynet is an internet portal offering services such as email, social networking, news, sports, astrology, games, and audio streaming.


NTV is a Turkish nationwide television news channel. It was partnered with MSNBC between May 2000 and 2014. Besides domestic and international news, the channel’s programming includes documentaries, as well as programs on finance, arts and culture, lifestyle, and sports.


Vatan (“Homeland” or “Motherland”) is a Turkish daily newspaper founded in 2002 by the Doğan Media Group.



Yeniçağ or Yeni Çağ is a nationalist newspaper in Turkey. It was established in 2002. In 2008 Yeniçağ criticized the Turkish Journalists’ Association for giving an award to Doğan Özgüden and Özgüden for accepting it, describing him as “An Armenian defender” who had more than 50 lawsuits against him.

Karar Haber

Sansasyon yok, gereksiz merak yok, yalan hiç yok. Son dakika haberler, güncel gelişmeler, ekonomik veriler ve güçlü yorumlar’da.

Bursada Bugün

Bursada Bugun is a news website providing information related to current updates and special occurrences in Turkey.


Takvim is a Turkish daily newspaper. The word “takvim” means calendar in Turkish. Founded by Dinç Bilgin in 1994, Takvim was acquired by Çalık Holding’s Turkuvaz Media Group in 2008, as part of its $1.1bn purchase of the Sabah-ATV group.


BirGün is an Istanbul-based Turkish left-wing daily. The paper was founded in 2004 by a group of Turkish intellectuals. The most important point of the newspaper is that it is not owned by any parent company or conglomerate.


Diken is an online Turkish language newspaper edited by Erdal Güven and Emrah Temizkan. The newspaper was first published on 27 January 2014, and its founder Harun Simavi is the grandson of Sedat Simavi.


Dünya is a Turkish newspaper founded in 1981 by Nezih Demirkent, who was also its editor-in-chief in his lifetime. The newspaper covers mainly business news and has a circulation of around 55,000.


Sol is a Portuguese language weekly national newspaper published every Saturday in Lisbon, Portugal.

Ozgur Kocaeli

Ozgur Kocaeli is News & Media Website


Anadolu Agency, your source for trusted news, offers news, photographs and videos on Turkey, world, economy, sports, health and technology.

Malatya Haber‎

‎Kocaeli Gazetesi

Son dakika Kocaeli haberleri, seri ilanlar, firma rehberi, vefatlar, nöbetçi eczaneler, kocaeli sinemaları, hava ve trafik durumu, şehir portalı.

Milli Gazete

Millî Gazete is a conservative Turkish daily newspaper. It was founded in 1973, and was aligned with the Islamist National Salvation Party. It publishes a German edition in Germany, which is linked with the Millî Görüş organization.

Hürriyet Daily News

The Hürriyet Daily News, formerly Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review and Turkish Daily News, is the oldest current English-language daily in Turkey, founded in 1961.


Aydınlık is the newspaper of the Patriotic Party. Originally launched as a weekly newspaper in 1921, it has been repeatedly closed and relaunched, most recently in 2011.

Sabah (English edition)

Daily Sabah – Latest & Breaking News from Turkey


Evrensel is a Turkish daily newspaper.

Yurt Gazetesi

Yeni Asır


Güneş was a daily newspaper in Turkey. It was owned by Ethem Sancak. In 2019, Güneş ceased daily circulation as a stand alone newspaper to become a sister publication of the Turkish newspaper Akşam.



Yeni Asya

This group of Nurcus, later known as Yeni Asya, established its first newspaper in 1960. After several of these earlier newspapers failed

Gazetesi Şok


Radikal was a daily liberal Turkish language newspaper, published in Istanbul. It has been published since 1996 by Aydın Doğan’s Doğan Media Group. Despite only having a circulation of around 25,000, it was considered one of the most influential Turkish newspapers.

Yeni Mesaj

Bolu Gundem

Eskisehir Saharya

Eskisehir Saharya Media Listing in the Turkey Media Directory Maintained by EIN Presswire.

Agos (Turkish and Armenian)

Agos was founded in 1996 by Hrant Dink and a group of his friends, in order to report the problems of the Armenians of Turkey to the public.


Şalom is a Jewish weekly newspaper published in Turkey. Its name is the Turkish spelling of the Hebrew word שלום‎. It was established on 29 October 1947 by the Turkish Jewish journalist Avram Leyon. It is printed in Istanbul and is published every Wednesday. Apart from one Ladino page, it is published in Turkish.

Tarsus Haber

‎Yeni Alanya

‎Elbistanin Sesin

Merhaba Gazetesi

Konya haberleri ve Konya son dakika gelişmeleri için Merhaba Gazetesi – Konya ve çevre illerden haberlerin yer aldığı günlük basılan yerel gazete.

Yeni Meram‎

Konya Haberleri – Güncel Ekonomi – Politika Haberleri – Son dakika haberler Konya’nın en iyi haber sitesi’de.

‎Haber Port

‎Hedef Halk

Haber Ekspres

izmir haberleri, son dakika haberleri, haberler, haber, ege haberleri, dünya haberleri, sağlık haberleri, İzmir’in gazetesi.

Mersin Haber

mersin, mersin habermersin haberleri, mersin son haber, son dakika mersin, sondakika, mersin idman yurdu, mersin yerel gazeteleri, mersin gazetesi,mobil.

Haber Antalya

Kent Gazetesi

Kent Gazetesi, Bursa Haberleri, Son Dakika Bursa, Bursaspor, Bursa’da olup bitenleri takip edin, asayiş, ekonomi, spor, magazin, sağlık, siyaset.

Erzurum Gazetesi

Eko Haber

Bursa’nın en çok okunan haftalık ekonomi gazetesi. Bursa Haber, Ekonomi, Dünya, Gündem, Kent, İnceleme, Şirket, Söyleşi, Ekonometri, Finans ve Yurt.

Urfa Haber

Sondakika Şanlıurfa Haberleri haber merkezi tarafından derlenip hizmet kalitesinde yayına sunulur, Ajans statüsünde olan urfa haber 7/24 yayıncılık yapar.

Bolunun Sesi

Kayseri Haber

Sakarya Dan Haber

Kayseri Gundem

Kayseri Gündem – Kayseri’nin Gündemini Belirleyen ve En Çok Ziyaret Edilen Haber Sitesi.

Gazete Kadikoy

Guncel Gazetesi

Kartal 24

Telgraf Türk


Turkey’s daily newspaper published in Armenian-language. Marmara is an Armenian-language daily newspaper published since August 31 1940 in Istanbul, Turkey. It was established by Armenian journalist and foreign correspondent Souren Shamlian. Initially a weekly newspaper, it was soon published daily due to intense interest.

Sivas Haber

Esenler Haber

Esenler haberleri, son dakika Esenler haber ve gelişmeleri burada. Somaspor’dan iki takviye

Turkish Press

Hürriyet Daily News is the leading news source for Turkey and the region.

Mersin Radikal

Turkish Press

İzmir Son Dakika

Apoyevmatini is a Greek-language newspaper published in Turkey.

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