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Granma is the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party. It was formed in 1965 by the merger of two previous papers, Revolución and Hoy. Publication of the newspaper began in February of 1966.

Juventud Rebelde – Spanish

The Juventud Rebelde is a Cuban newspaper of the Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas.

Notinet de Cuba

Notinet de Cuba News is Spanish (español) News of Cuba which belongs to the South America region.

Cuba Si

Cuba Net

Cuban News Agency

On Cuba News


Trabajadores is a Cuban trade union newspaper. Founded in 1970 by Osvaldo de Melo and Sara del Carmen Zaldívar, Trabajadores operates under the auspices of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba. Trabajadores is published in Spanish, with an online English edition.

Cubahora magazine

Trabajadores. Cuban newspaper published in Spanish-language by Central de Trabajadores de Cuba.



Escambray is a Cuban newspaper. It is published in Spanish, with an online English edition. The newspaper is located in Sancti Spiritus.

Ciber Cuba

CiberCuba is an independent Cuban digital medium that reports on current events in Cuba and Cubans.


Prensa Latina, legal name Agencia de Noticias Latinoamericana S.A., is the official state news agency of Cuba, founded in March 1959 shortly after the Cuban Revolution.

Tribuna de La Habana

Tribuna de La Habana is a Cuban newspaper. It is published in Spanish and is located in Havana.

‎Diario de Cuba

Breaking news about current affairs in Cuba and the world: politics, economy, sports, culture, opinion, interviews and literature.

Ahora – Spanish edition

The local newspaper based in Holguín, Cuba.

Ahora – English edition

Ahora – French edition


Published from Santa Clara. La Vanguardia is a Spanish daily newspaper, founded in 1881. It is printed in Spanish and, since 3 May 2011, also in Catalan. It has its headquarters in Barcelona and is Catalonia’s leading newspaper.


The first magazine of entertainment, or the first independent magazine of Cuban culture


Guerrillero is a Cuban newspaper. It is published in Spanish, with an online English edition. The newspaper is located in Pinar del Río.

La Demajagua (Bayamo)

La Demajagua is the official Cuban newspaper of the provincial committee of the Cuban Communist Party in Granma Province.

5 de Septiembre

5 de Septiembre is a Cuban newspaper that is controlled by the state. It is published in Spanish, with online English, Portuguese and French pages. The newspaper was launched on 5 September 1980 and is located in Cienfuegos.

Periódico 26

Periódico 26 is a Cuban newspaper. It is published in Spanish, with an online English edition. The newspaper is located in Las Tunas Province.


Adelante (Havana)


Cuban music news and concert billboard in Cuba.



16 de Abril

16 de Abril is the Cuban Journal of Medical Students. It was created in 1961 as a political magazine for medical students in the medical school of the University of Havana.

CubaPLUS magazine

CubaPLUS Magazine website shares culture, art, dance, events and more with our readers.


Economista de Cuba, El

All the news about Cuba in the current newspaper elEconomista. Discover all the news related to Cuba.


Diario Mayabeque (San Jose de Las Lajas)

Havana Times

Havana Times is an independent Cuban blog and online magazine founded in 2008. The online publication is edited in Nicaragua. Most of its contributors live in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo.

14ymedio is the first independent digital media outlet in Cuba. It was founded on May 21, 2014, by the Cuban blogger and activist Yoani Sánchez and the Cuban journalist Reinaldo Escobar.


Google news Cuba

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