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Helsingin Sanomat

Helsingin Sanomat, abbreviated HS and colloquially known as Hesari, is the largest subscription newspaper in Finland and the Nordic countries, owned by Sanoma. Except after certain holidays, it is published daily. Its name derives from that of the Finnish capital, Helsinki, where it is published.


Kauppalehti is a commerce-oriented newspaper published in Helsinki, Finland.


Aamulehti is a Finnish language daily newspaper published in Tampere, Finland.

Abo Underrattelser

Åbo Underrättelser is a Swedish language newspaper published in Turku, Finland.


Hufvudstadsbladet is the highest-circulation Swedish-language newspaper in Finland. Its headquarters are located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The name of the newspaper translates approximately into “Journal of the Capital”, hufvudstad being the 19th-century Swedish spelling for capital.


Ilta-Sanomat is one of Finland’s two prominent tabloid-size evening newspapers and the second-largest paper in the country. Its counterpart and biggest rival are Iltalehti. According to the National Media Research done in 2019 Ilta-Sanomat is also the biggest digital media in Finland and reaches about 2,5 million Finns.


Iltalehti is a tabloid newspaper published in Helsinki, Finland.

Kansan Uutiset

Weekly Finnish-language newspaper was first published in 1957.


Taloussanomat is the largest business online daily newspaper in Helsinki, Finland.


Kaleva is a Finnish subscription newspaper published in Oulu, Finland.

Turun Sanomat

Turun Sanomat is the leading regional newspaper of the region of Southwest Finland. It is published in the region’s capital, Turku, making it the third most widely read morning newspaper in Finland after Helsingin Sanomat and Aamulehti.


Ålandstidningen or Tidningen Åland is a Swedish language newspaper on the Åland Islands, an autonomous region in Finland. It’s published six times a week.

Etela-Suomen Sanomat

Etelä-Suomen Sanomat is a Finnish daily newspaper published in Lahti, Finland. It is the leading paper in its metropolitan area.

Osterbottens Tidning (OT)

Österbottens Tidning is the Swedish language regional daily newspaper, which is mainly distributed in the largely Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia in Finland.


Vasabladet is the Swedish language regional daily newspaper in Ostrobothnia, Finland. In terms of circulation, it is the second-largest Swedish newspaper in Finland, behind Hufvudstadsbladet.

Vastra Nyland

Västra Nyland is a regional Swedish-language newspaper in Finland. The name of the newspaper translates into “The western part of the Nyland region”, this region also being the area where the newspaper is circulated. The newspaper is informally called Västis.

Nya Åland

Nya Åland is a Swedish language newspaper on the Åland Islands, an autonomous region in Finland. It is the second-largest local newspaper on Åland, following Ålandstidningen.


Ilkka was established in Vaasa in 1906 as an independent newspaper. The name may be a reference to Jaakko Ilkka, a 16th-century rebellion leader in the Cudgel War, but this is unconfirmed. The founders of the paper were Santeri Alkio and his supporters. Later its headquarters in Vaasa was moved to Seinäjoki. Ilkka is part of the Ilkka Group which also owns Pohjalainen. The publisher is Ilkka-Yhtymä Oyj.

Maaseudun Tulevaisuus

Maaseudun Tulevaisuus (MT; meaning the Rural Future in English) is a Finnish language newspaper published three times per week in Helsinki, Finland.


Östra Nyland is a Swedish-language newspaper published in Loviisa in Finland.


Syd-Österbotten is a Swedish-language newspaper published in Närpes and Kristinestad in Finland. It is owned by HSS Media and is published three times a week. The history of the newspaper goes back to 1897 when Kristinestads Tidning was founded.


Aamuposti is a Finnish language morning daily newspaper published in Finland.

Helsinki Times

Helsinki Times is the first English language daily online newspaper in Finland providing news about Finland and the world for English-speaking readers resident in the country. A weekly printed edition was issued between 2007 and 2015.


Karjalainen is a Finnish language daily newspaper published in North Karella, Finland It is the third oldest newspaper in the country.


Itä-Savo is a Finnish language daily newspaper published in Savonlinna, Finland.

Etela-Saimaa (Lappeenranta)

Etelä-Saimaa is a morning broadsheet daily newspaper published in Finland. Etelä-Saimaa was established in 1885

Kainuun Sanomat (Kajaani)

Kainuun Sanomat was established in 1917. The paper was originally distributed about three times per week until 1945 when it changed to six days a week. The owner of the paper has been Alma Media since the period of 1998-1999. It is one of the local newspapers which founded Lännen Media, a news network, in October 2014.

Finland Times

English language daily news portal covering news stories, events and other happenings in the Nordic country.

Hameen Sanomat (Hameenlinna)

Hämeen Sanomat was established in 1879. The headquarters of the paper is in Hämeenlinna. The owner of the paper which is published in broadsheet format seven days per week is Hämeen Sanomat Oy. Its publisher is Hämeen Lehtipaino Oy.

Ita-Hame (Heinola)

Ita Hame is a newspaper in Heinola, Finland covering local news, sports, business and community events.

Keskisuomalainen (Jyvaskyla)

Keskisuomalainen is a daily Finnish language newspaper published in Jyväskylä, serving central Finland. Its parent company Keskisuomalainen Oyj owns nearly 80 newspapers.

Kouvolan Sanomat (Kouvola)

Kouvolan Sanomat is a morning broadsheet newspaper in tabloid format published in Kouvola, Finland.

Kymen Sanomat (Kotka)

Kymen Sanomat (KySa) is a Finnish language daily newspaper published in the Kymenlaakso region of Finland. The newspaper was established in 1902. Kymen Sanomat has its editorial headquarters in Kotka.[2] The paper is published in Hamina. The publisher is Sanoma Lehtimedia Oy which also publishes Etelä-Saimaa and Uutisvuoksi. In 1991 Kymen Sanomat merged with Kotkan Sanomat. Kymen Sanomat had approximately 62,000 readers in 2007. The paper had a circulation of 24,216 copies in 2009.

Lansi-Savo (Mikkeli)

Länsi-Savo is a Finnish language morning broadsheet newspaper published in Mikkeli, Finland.

Uusimaa (Porvoo)


Länsi-Suomi is a morning broadsheet newspaper published in Finland, based in Rauma.

Lapin Kansa (Rovaniemi)

Lapin Kansa is a morning newspaper published in Lapland, Finland.

Savon Sanomat (Kuopio)

Savon Sanomat is a Finnish language morning broadsheet newspaper published in Kuopio, Finland.

Pohjalainen (Vaasa)

Pohjalainen was a morning broadsheet newspaper published in Vaasa, Finland from 1903 to 2020.

Satakunnan Kansa

Satakunnan Kansa is a Finnish language regional newspaper published in Pori, Finland.

Tyrvaan Sanomat

Tyrvään Sanomat is a Finnish-language newspaper published in Sastamala, Finland. It is the oldest local newspaper in the country.

Hankasalmen Sanomat

 Hankasalmen Sanomat is a newspaper in Hankasalmi, Finland covering local news, sports, business and community events.

Jamsan Seutu


Keskilaakso is a newspaper published typically Tuesdays and Thursdays in Kouvola, Finland. History. Keskilaakso was established in 1931.

Nokian Uutiset

Nokian Uutiset Finnish newspaper in Finland. This online Nokian Uutiset newspaper displays updated news daily.

Sisa Savo

Paikallislehti Sisä-Savo is a Finnish newspaper published by Savon Media Oy. It was established in 1965. The newspaper is published every Tuesday and Thursday. In 2014, the circulation was 6479 in 2014.

Salon Seudun Sanomat

Salon Seudun Sanomat is a morning broadsheet newspaper published in Salo, Finland.

Parikkalan Rautjarven Sanomat


JP Kunnallissanomat

Heinaveden Lehti

Juvan Lehti


Puumala Lehti



Kotiseudun Sanomat

Lempaalan Vesilahden Sanomat

Pernionseudun Lehti

Keskipohjanmaa (Kokkola)

Keskipohjanmaa is a morning broadsheet newspaper published in Kokkola, Finland.




Uusi Pori

Viitasaaren Seutu

Viikko Pohjois-Karjala


Tiedonantaja is a Finnish leftist monthly newspaper published in Helsinki, Finland. It is the party organ of the new Communist Party of Finland. Tiedonantaja’s current editor-in-chief is Marko Korvela who was preceded by Erkki Susi and Urho Jokinen.

Soisalon Seutu



Punkalaitumen Sanomat





Jarviseudun Sanomat

Jurvan Sanomat




Elimaen Sanomat


Turun Tienoo


Suupohjan Sanomat






Parikkalan-Rautjarven Sanomat



Loviisan Sanomat



Lapuan Sanomat

Kunnallislehti Paimio-Sauvo-Kaarina





Auranmaan Viikkolehti


Vakka-Suomen Sanomat

Uudenkaupungin Sanomat

Pietarsaaren Sanomat

Orimattilan Sanomat

Lieksan Lehti

Kansan Tahto

Raahen Seutu




Iisalmen Sanomat

Forssan Lehti


Suomenmaa is a Finnish language party newspaper published four days a week from Tuesday to Friday in Oulu, Finland.

7 päivää is a Finnish entertainment and TV magazine published in Helsinki, Finland.

Ampparit is a Finnish online news portal founded in 2004. The service provides its users with an easy-to-use list of news headlines, consisting of material from Ampparit’s more than 250 media sources. It is also possible for users to search for news of their special interest.

Uusi Suomi

Uusi Suomi was a Finnish daily newspaper, which was published from 1919 to 1991.

Helsingin uutiset

Gb times




Suomen kuvalethi

Suomen Kuvalehti is a weekly Finnish language family and news magazine published in Helsinki, Finland.

Vantaan Sanomat

‎Keski Uusimaa


Seinajoen Sanomat

Kankaanpaan Seutu

Lappeenrannan Uutiset


Akaan Seutu

Lansi Uusimaa

Sipoon Sanomat

‎Suur Keuruu

Valkeakosken Sanomat


Loimaan Lehti

Lansi Saimaan Sanomat

Lansi Saimaan Sanomat newspaper from Savitaipale, Finland.

Koillis Savo

Koillis-Savo is a newspaper that is published by Savon Media Oy. It is established in 1963. Koillis Savo is published every Thursday in Kaavi and Tuusniemi in North Savo, also in Juankoski and Riistavesi areas. Circulation was 4,891 in 2017.

‎Kangasniemen Kunnallislehti

Satakunnan Viikko


KMV Lehti


Uutis Jousi

Kangasalan Sanomat‎

Yla Satakunta


‎Yla Karjala



Laitilan Sanomat‎

Mantsalan Uutiset‎


‎Koti Kajaani

Keski Hame

Urjalan Sanomat‎

‎Matti ja Liisa


‎Pielavesi Keitele

Kotiseutu Uutiset

‎Luumaen Lehti

‎Free Magazine

Joroisten Lehti


Kuhmoisten Sanomat


Padasjoen Sanomat

Oriveden Sanomat‎



Pogostan Sanomat‎

Pyhajarven Sanomat‎



Ulvilan Seutu‎

Ulvilan Seutu is a newspaper in Ulvila, Finland covering local news, sports, business and community events.

Six Degrees

SixDegrees is an independent, digital magazine in Finland. SixDegrees is aimed at internationally oriented.

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