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Liberian Observer

The Liberian Observer or Daily Observer is a newspaper published in Liberia. Based in Monrovia, The Liberian Observer Corporation was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Y. Best in 1981. An independent newspaper, it states that its goals are government accountability and popular awareness of current events.

Executive Mansion

The Executive Mansion of Liberia is the official residence and workplace of the country’s President. Located across the street from the Capitol Building in the Capitol Hill district of Monrovia, the current building was constructed during the presidency of William Tubman, which lasted from 1944 to 1971.

New Dawn

The latest news and publications from New Dawn Enterprises. New Dawn is a private, volunteer-directed social enterprise.

Bush Chicken

The Bush Chicken is an online Liberian newspaper that was founded to ensure more inclusive coverage of rural communities and to promote high quality.

Plus Liberia‎

Liberia Blog,  Latest Entertainment News,


FrontPage Africa is a Liberian daily newspaper founded in 2005 by Rodney Sieh. As of 2012, it had a circulation of 1,500. FrontPage Africa has received international recognition for its investigative journalism, and the Christian Science Monitor called it the nation’s “leading investigative daily”.

GNN Liberia

GNN Liberia · Stay current with all the latest news from GNN Liberia here and with perspectives from other news sources.

Monrovia Times

The Monrovia Times | Get News Delivered, Anytime, Anywhere.

Smart News Liberia

Smart News Liberia is an online news outlet; a product of Smart Media Group Inc. Smart News Liberia publishes a wide range of content including politics.

Gossip Liberia‎

Gossip Liberia | Is a media organization that seeks ways to bring out information that are hidden way in the bottom part of our (Liberia) history, information.

‎Liberian Dialogue

Latest, Breaking and Updated Liberian Dialogue Today News in English From Liberia Region Africa.

Liberian Times

The Liberian Times is a newspaper published in Liberia, based in Monrovia. The Times has a long history; its second incarnation existed between February 1928 and September 1929 and was edited by J. Clement Gibson, Jr. It appears to have closed numerous times and restarted and has since been established in 2005.

‎Concord Times

Concord Times Communications are publishers of Concord Times Newspaper in Freetown,

The Perspective is an award-winning website displaying two sides of current events, historic conflicts, and classic debates. The site’s main goal is to allow its reader’s direct access to news and information, unfiltered by their usual personalized browsing preferences.

TLC Africa

An Internet Magazine that Connects Liberians around the world!

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