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Slovenian newspapers and news sites


Delo is a national daily newspaper in Slovenia. For more than 60 years, Delo has been involved in active co-creation of the Slovenian public space. It covers politics, economics, sports, culture and social events in the Slovene language.


Dnevnik (English: The Daily) is a daily newspaper published in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Slovenian sports newspaper covering football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, volleyball, winter sports, hockey, and other sports.


Slovenian business newspaper owned by Bonnier Group.

Slovenske novice

Slovenske novice is a Slovenian tabloid newspaper published in Slovenia. It is the first paper in its category.


Berliner formation newspaper published in Maribor, Slovenia.


Žurnal24 in a Slovenian online newspaper. Until 2014, it was a free-press widely circulated daily newspaper published in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was the youngest daily newspaper in Slovenia, being launched by Styria Medien AG, an Austrian media group, in 2007.

Gorenjski Glas

Gorenjski Glas Newspaper · “Local news rules. Even online!” communication campaign reminds of the importance of the newspaper in the local community.

Dolenjski List

Dolenjski list is a regional Slovenian news magazine covering Dolenjska, South Central Slovenia. The magazine was started in 1950.

Primorske Novice

Primorske novice is a regional daily newspaper published in Koper, Slovenia.


Družina is a Slovenian weekly Roman Catholic magazine.

24UR (24 hours) is a daily news show on the Slovenian commercial television POP TV, which airs every day at 7 PM. During workdays.

Rtv slo‎

Radiotelevizija Slovenija – usually abbreviated to RTV Slovenija – is Slovenia’s national public broadcasting organization. Based in Ljubljana, it has regional broadcasting centers in Koper and Maribor and correspondents around Slovenia, Europe, and the world.


Pož is a Slovenian news and opinion website and blog that focuses on political and corruption events, investigative reporting into government corruption, nepotism, government controlled corporations, and personal disclosures about Slovenian politicians, media, and local media personalities and celebrities.


Mladina is a Slovenian weekly left-wing political and current affairs magazine. Since the 1920s, when it was first published, it has become a voice of protest against those in power. Today, Mladina’s weekly issues are distributed throughout the country.


Portal je eden najbolj obiskanih novičarskih portalov v Sloveniji, aktiven že od leta 2008.‎


Demokracija is a Slovenian right-wing weekly news and political magazine published in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Si 21

Stran zbira, kategorizira in združuje sorodne novice z večine internetnih novičarskih portalov v Sloveniji. ‎

Drugi svet

Drugi Svet is a young and talented team with a personal approach list to your wishes, add the expertise and build success stories!

Ljubljanske Novice

Ljubljanske novice – slovenski elektronski časopis is a stand-alone online newspaper, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The newspaper was registered on 20 October 1995 by Urad Republike Slovenije za informiranje; it became the first Slovenian online newspaper and one of the first stand-alone online newspapers in Europe.


Slovenia Times

The Slovenia Times is an English language monthly magazine published in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Primorski dnevnik (in Italy)

Primorski Dnevnik, mostly known as Primorski, is a Slovene language daily newspaper published in Trieste, Italy. It is the only Slovene daily in any country other than Slovenia, and one of the three historical daily newspapers in Italy published in a language other than Italian.

Slovenian Press Agency (STA)

The Slovenian Press Agency (STA) is the leading Slovenian provider of media content for domestic and foreign audiences.

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