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Top Spain Newspapers & News Media

El País (Madrid)

El País is a Spanish-language daily newspaper in SpainEl País is based in the capital city of Madrid and it is owned by the Spanish media conglomerate PRISA

El Mundo (Madrid)

Check the latest news from Más Madrid, political party, information and last minute of what happens in the capital and in all the municipalities of the Madrid Community, up to the minute.

ABC (Madrid)

ABC is a Spanish national daily newspaper. It is the second-largest general-interest newspaper in Spain, number one in Madrid, and the oldest newspaper still.

La Vanguardia (Barcelona)

La Vanguardia is a Spanish daily newspaper, founded in 1881. It is printed in Spanish and, since 3 May 2011, also in Catalan. It has its headquarters in Barcelona and is Catalonia’s leading newspaper.

El Periódico de Catalunya

El Periódico de Catalunya is a morning daily newspaper based in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Spain. The paper publishes separate daily editions in Spanish and in Catalan.

La Razón (Madrid)

La Razón is a daily newspaper based in Madrid, Spain. It has the sixth-highest circulation among general-interest Spanish dailies and the fourth-highest among those based in Madrid. The newspaper has satellite news bureaux, and local editions, in Barcelona, ​​Murcia, Seville, Valencia, and Valladolid.

El Correo (Bilbao)

El Correo is a leading daily newspaper in Bilbao and the Basque Country of northern Spain. It is among the best-selling general-interest newspapers in Spain.

La Voz de Galicia (Arteixo)

All the information and last-minute about Arteixo. News, events, reports, and articles of opinion.

El Diario Vasco (San Sebastián)

News and last minute of Donostia- San Sebastián , Gipuzkoa and all its regions and municipalities in El Diario Vasco .

La Nueva España (Oviedo)

Oviedo news, information, opinion, and all the latest news from the city of Oviedo and its council in La Nueva Espana, the leading newspaper in Asturias.

Diario de Navarra (Pamplona)

Diario de Navarra is a Spanish language regional newspaper based in Pamplona, ​​Spain.

Heraldo de Aragón (Zaragoza)

Heraldo de Aragón is the Spanish language regional daily newspaper published in Saragossa

El Mercantil Valenciano (Valencia)

El Mercantil Valenciano is a newspaper from the Valencian Community that belongs to the Prensa Ibérica printing group.

Las Provincias (Valencia)

Las Provincias is a Spanish language regional newspaper published in Valencia, Spain.

Faro de Vigo (Vigo)

Faro de Vigo is a Spanish daily newspaper for the town of Vigo. It is the oldest Spanish newspaper in circulation. The word “faro” means lighthouse.

Qué! (Madrid)

Qué! is a free weekly newspaper, published by Factoría de Información in Spain. Following the 2008 financial crisis, the newspaper decreased its circulation from being daily and distributed throughout the whole country, to be available only Fridays in Madrid.

Cinco días

Cinco Días is a Spanish business and finance newspaper published in Madrid, Spain. Founded in 1978 it is the oldest business newspaper in the country.


Marca, stylized as MARCA, is a Spanish national daily sports newspaper owned by Unidad Editorial. The newspaper focuses primarily on football, in particular the day-to-day activities of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Atlético Madrid.

Abc De Sevilla (Sevilla)

ABC de Sevilla, the leading digital newspaper in Andalusia and Seville, offers news in Spanish about our entire region. All information and services.

Diario De Avisos

News from Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Spain, and the world.

20 Minutos Zaragoza (Zaragoza)

the latest news about Zaragoza weather . All the news about El tiempo Zaragoza in 20minutos .es.

Madrid – 20minutos

Controlled a new gas leak in Toledo street that has forced the street to be closed. is an online newspaper based in Spain. It was founded in 2012 and is published only in Spanish; it has been available since 18 September 2012. is managed by Ignacio Escolar, a journalist who was the founder and former director of Public.

El Economista

El Economista is a Spanish daily newspaper that focuses on economical, financial, and business affairs. The daily is headquartered in Madrid, Spain.


Público is a Spanish online newspaper. It was published as a print daily newspaper between 2007 and 2012. The print version folded but the newspaper continues online.

El Confidencial

El Confidencial is a Spanish-language general-information digital newspaper located in Spain, specializing in economic, financial and political news. It was established as an online newspaper in 2001. Its target readership is professional and middle-aged. It has a liberal political orientation.

Newspapers and Spanish news sites in Spain

Libertad Digital

Libertad Digital is an advocacy journalism online newspaper edited in Madrid, Spain. It claims to be classic liberal, with several contributors often tilting to libertarian conservative. It does not follow a particular party line, but has had links to figures in the People’s Party. It is published in Spanish.

324 Catlunya

3/24 is a Spanish Catalan-language free-to-air news and information network operated by Televisió de Catalunya. It was launched in 11 September 2003.

El Huffington post

HuffPost is an American news aggregator and blog, with localized and international editions. … HuffPost Denver launched on September 15, 2009; HuffPost Los Angeles launched on December 2, 2009.

‎Europa Press

Europa Press is a Spanish news agency founded in 1953. It broadcasts news 24 hours a day, publishing 3,000 articles on average per day. It serves content to almost 2,000 clients, including the main Spanish media: radios; newspapers; televisions, and national, autonomic, and local digital media.

‎Boletin Oficial del Estado

The Boletín Oficial del Estado is the official gazette of the Kingdom of Spain and may be published on any day of the week. The content of the BOE is authorized and published by Royal Assent and with approval from the Spanish Presidency Office.

Periodista Digital

Digital journalism, also known as online journalism, is a contemporary form of journalism where editorial content is distributed via the Internet, as opposed to publishing via print or broadcast.


Expansión is a Spanish economic and business newspaper published in Madrid, Spain.

Diario Sur (Málaga)

Diario Sur is a regional newspaper of Málaga, Spain. It is owned by the Prensa Malagueña, S.A., owned by Grupo Vocento.

La Voz de Avilés

News from Avilés. Information, opinion, and all the news of the Avilés region. Information on weather, traffic, and the latest news

Ideal (Peligros, Granada)

The ideal is a daily Spanish language newspaper edited and published in Granada. It forms part of the Corporación de Medios de Andalucía, which in turn belongs to the Grupo Vocento. Founded in 1932 by Editorial Católica, since then it has had a long history.

Ara (Barcelona)

Ara is a Catalan daily newspaper that began publication on 28 November 2010, coinciding with the Catalan parliamentary elections. It is the third most-read daily newspaper in Catalonia, and the most read a daily newspaper written exclusively in the Catalan language.

Información (Alicante)

Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room, Library of Congress

La Verdad

La Verdad is a Spanish language daily newspaper based in Murcia, Spain. It is the largest newspaper of the Murcia province as well as of the Albacete province. For 53 years it had a presence in the Alicante province, being discontinued from the Land of Valencia in 2017.

Faro De Vigo (Pontevedra)

The most current news with the best analysis. Follow political news, events, and breaking news.

El Norte De Castilla (Valladolid)

News and current affairs of Valladolid, Tordesillas, Medina, Simancas, and other towns in the province of Valladolid. Follow the last hour of Valladolid.

El Diario Montañés (Santander)

El Diario Montañés is a Spanish language daily regional newspaper published in Santander, Spain.

Republica is an English-language national daily newspaper published by Nepal Republic Media in Kathmandu, Nepal. Founded in 2009 by Ameet Dhakal, República is the sister publication of Nagarik, the vernacular Nepali-language daily published by the same company.

Diario De Sevilla (Sevilla)

Diario de Sevilla newspaper offers daily local news from Sevilla, Spain, and also offers national and international news as well as weather, sports, lifestyle.

Deia (Vizcaya)

The Deia is a Basque Country newspaper founded in 1977, with a Basque nationalistic perspective. The newspaper is bilingual in character though principally written in Spanish with some articles in Basque. Deia is the main product of the Editorial Iparraguirre S.A.

La Provincia (Las Palmas)

La Provincia di Cremona is a regional daily Italian newspaper based in Cremona, Italy. The paper was established in 1947. Its publisher is Soc. Editoriale Cremonese S.P.A.


Canarias7 is a Spanish language newspaper published in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.

Diario de Cádiz

Diario de Cádiz is a Spanish-language newspaper published in Cádiz, Spain. The paper serves for the province of Cádiz.

Gara (Guipúzcoa)

Gara is a bilingual newspaper published in the city of Donostia-San Sebastián in the Basque Autonomous Community. The newspaper’s target market comprises the area of the Basque Country, but its circulation is largely constrained to the Southern Basque territory since Spanish is mainly used.

Última Hora

Última Hora is the best selling newspaper in the Balearic Islands founded by Josep Tous Ferrer on 1 May 1893, published by Hora Nova S.A., and belong to Grupo Serra, a mass communication company.

Noticias de Navarra

Journal of regional and local information

La Rioja

La Rioja newspaper from Logrono, Spain, and thousands of more online newspapers at the Paperboy.

El Periódico de Aragón

El Periódico de Aragón is an Aragonese daily newspaper, founded in Zaragoza, on 23 October 1990 by Juancho Duvall. It is published by the Grupo Zeta and whose information focuses primarily on Section Aragon, Opinion, and Sports.

La Opinión

La Opinión is a Spanish-language news outlet, that publishes a website and a daily newspaper based in Los Angeles, California, US. It is the largest Spanish-language newspaper in the United States and the second-most read newspaper in Los Angeles. It is published by ImpreMedia, LLC.

Estadio Deportivo (Sevilla)

Estadio Deportivo is a Spanish language sports daily newspaper published in Seville, Spain. It is a supplement of the daily newspaper, El Mundo.

El Món

The political section of the digital newspaper in Catalan el Món. This pro-Catalan independence online newspaper particularly focuses on Catalan politics.

Diario De Navarra

Diario de Navarra is a Spanish language regional newspaper based in Pamplona, Spain.

La Opinión (Málaga)

Malaga newspaper. All the information about Malaga and Andalusia. News, last minute, opinion, sports, blogs, photos, videos, and chats in La Opinion de Málaga.

La Opinión (Zamora)

Zamora news, current affairs and last minute in La Opinion de Zamora .

El Salto

El Salto is a Spanish alternative newspaper, with formats both online and offline. Online, it is a daily newspaper, while in the paper it is a monthly newspaper, with 7 different versions depending on the Spanish region.

Diario de León

León digital newspaper, news, León newspaper, current affairs and information on León, Castilla León, Bierzo, culture, last minute, sports, leisure, politics.

La Voz de Asturias

La Voz de Asturias is a newspaper in Spain. Published in Oviedo, it serves Asturias. It was founded in 1923 by José Tartiere League. Until 2012 it was a printed newspaper, after which it ceased publication. Four years later, in 2016, it reemerged as an online newspaper. It has a progressive political stance.

Europa Sur

News from Campo de Gibraltar and its region. All the news of Campo de Gibraltar, last minute of sports, services, and leisure of Campo de Gibraltar.

Diario de Mallorca (Palma de Mallorca)

Find all the news of today de Mallorca. The latest news, traffic, leisure, sports, and parties in Mallorca. News of today in Palma de.

Diari de Girona

Diari de Girona is a Catalan daily newspaper, based in Girona, Catalonia.

El Punt Avui (Girona)

El Punt was a Catalan daily newspaper based in Girona, Catalonia. The newspaper was renamed in 1990 from the original Punt Diari. It was published between 24 February 1979 and 31 July 2011.

Córdoba (Córdoba)

Córdoba, sometimes called Diario Córdoba, is a Spanish language newspaper from the city of Córdoba and is the major source of news from the province. It has been published continuously since 25 July 1941.

Berria (Guipúzcoa)

Berria is the only daily newspaper published wholly in the Basque language and which can be read in the entirety of the Basque country. The newspaper shutdown was regarded by many as an attack on freedom of speech and the Basque language.

El Día (Santa Cruz)

Premier news media focused on the best of Latino American experience. Multimedia news, top stories, politics, culture, business, Philadelphia, Hispanic.

El Cultural

El Cultural is a Spanish weekly magazine dedicated to arts and culture. It was first published in 1999 and is based in Madrid. The magazine is one of the weekly supplements of El Mundo newspaper. Therefore, it is part of Unidad Editorial S.A. which also publishes many other magazines and newspapers.

La Voz

La Voz de Galicia is a Spanish daily newspaper owned by the Corporación Voz de Galicia. La Voz is the highest-circulation newspaper in Galicia and the eighth-highest circulation general-interest daily newspaper in Spain. It is written primarily in Spanish with Galician used in the cultural and opinion sections.

El Correo De Andalucía (Sevilla)

Follow all the news and news of Sevilla and its province, Andalusia, Easter, Fair of April, Toros in the Maestranza, Betis and Sevilla FC.

Mediterráneo (Castellón)

The Mediterranean Newspaper. Castellón News.

El Periódico De Extremadura (Cáceres)

The Extremadura Newspaper . News from Extremadura , Cáceres , Badajoz.

La Gaceta Regional de Salamanca

Diario digital de Salamanca, the leading newspaper in Salamanca, with breaking news and current affairs of Salamanca, events, sports, province, local,

El Progreso (Lugo)

 Idár in 1914 at the printing press of El Progreso newspaper in Laredo, Texas.

Noticias De Gipuzkoa (Guipúzcoa)

News from Gipuzkoa.

Málaga Hoy (Málaga)

Malaga Today. News from Malaga, its Province, and Andalusia. All the news of Malaga, Andalusia, Events in Malaga,

Granada Hoy (Granada)

News from Granada and its province. All the news of Granada, last minute of sports, services, and leisure of Granada.

La Opinión (La Coruna)

Today’s news from the city of A Coruna. Current information about the city, events in A Coruna, latest news from the City Council, and last minute.

Diario de Ibiza

Latest news from Ibiza and Formentera with the most complete news of the Pitiusas, with photos, videos, entertainment, interviews, debates, surveys.

La Región

La Región is a daily newspaper in the city and province of Ourense, in the Southeastern part of Galicia, an autonomous community (region) of Spain. Founded in 1910, most of its stock still belongs to the founding Outeiriño family.

Viva Jaén (Jaén)

Spain Newspapers gives you the chance to experience all the latest news from Spain and all around the world.

La Voz De Almería (Almería)

La Voz de Almería is the Spanish language local daily newspaper published in Almería, Spain. It is one of the leading papers of the region.

Regió 7 (Barcelona)

Read Today’s Regio 7 Catalan newspaper in Spain. This online Regio 7 newspaper displays updated news articles every time.

Journal of Burgos

IJEAS is referred international journal, publish research papers in all discipline of Science and Technology. Publication fee of this journal in Burgos Spain.

Diari De Tarragona (Tarragona)

Diari de Tarragona is a Spanish language newspaper, with some articles in Catalan. Based in the province of Tarragona, they are focused on proving the area with local and provincial news. They were originally founded in 1939 with the name Diario Español only a few weeks before the end of the Spanish Civil War.

El Correo Gallego

El Correo Gallego is a Galician newspaper founded in Ferrol, Spain, by José María Abizanda in 1878. In 1938 its owner, Juan Sáenz-Díez García, moved the daily to Santiago de Compostela; since then the paper has been headquartered there. The publisher of the daily is Editorial Compostela S.A.

Segre (Lleida)

Diari Segre or simply Segre is a Spanish and Catalan language daily newspaper published in Lleida, Spain. is a visual daily press directory that gives access to the world’s largest news sites and displays a readable image taken from today’s frontpage cover.

Voz Populi

English language newspaper for Spain. Local news, in particular, from the Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Alicante, Murcia, and Mallorca.

La Informacion

DIARIO INFORMACIÓN digital newspaper, the leader in Alicante, with the latest news from Alicante and the Valencian Community. News from the entire province.

Vila Web

VilaWeb is a Catalan-language web portal and daily news outlet, founded in May 1995 by the journalists Vicent Partial and Assumpció Maresme. It was the first online medium produced completely in Catalan, and the first news media in Spain to be based entirely online.

El Plural is a Spanish language news site that has been publishing since 19 September 2005. It defines itself as a combination of information with the opinion which tries to offer its readers general interest news.

Info Libre

We believe in quality, honest, rigorous, participatory and committed journalism. We inform about politics, economy, world, culture and media.

Nacio Digital

latest and updated Nacio Digital Today’s news in Catalan (català) from Spain: Europe.

El Semanal Digital

The motto of the newspaper is “Information for you to decide.” History [edit]. In 1999 Antonio Martín Beaumont founded El Semanal Digital.

Galicia Confidencial

Galicia is a Spanish daily newspaper owned by the Corporación Voz de Galicia.

‎Salamanca 24 Horas

Salamanca24horas is Salamanca’s first digital newspaper to be updated every day of the year at the moment.

Diario Crítico

The most important and last-minute news, the best current information in Spain and internationally.

Catalunya Diari

News, reports, videos, and signatures to follow all the news of Catalonia, Spain, and the rest of the world.


Read the latest news and articles for Menorca on thinkSPAIN, the leading English language website for Spain.

Diario De Almería (Almería)

News from Almería and its province. All the news of Almería, last minute of sports, services, and leisure in Almería.

Huelva Información (Huelva)

News from Huelva and its province. All the news of Huelva, last minute of sports, services, and leisure in Huelva.

Diario De Jerez (Cádiz)

Diario de Jerez is a Spanish newspaper founded in April 1984, in Jerez de la Frontera, being the second head of Grupo Joly, after Diario de Cádiz.

El Correo De Burgos (Burgos)

Daily information of Burgos and province. News from Burgos, sports, culture, province, and all Burgos news.

La Tribuna (Salamanca)

The main news website of the Salamanca community. – Find out about all the events in Salamanca.

Diario del AltoAragón

Diario del AltoAragón is an Aragonese daily newspaper published in Spain. Most of the information relates to the province, but also offers information on Aragón, Spain, the world, and sports.

Noticias De Álava (Álava)

the news from Araba / Álava and Vitoria. Daily news with all the local information Vitoria and alaV.

Diario Jaén

JAÉN newspaper, all the news of Jaén and province.

Lanza (Ciudad Real)

Lanza was a Spanish newspaper published in Ciudad Real between 1943 and 2017.

Ara Balears

Ara Balears is the most popular Catalan language newspaper on the Balearic Islands.

La Tribuna de Albacete

News from Albacete and province. Albacete local news. Digital newspaper for news of Albacete. News and sports daily. Information of Albacete.

El Ideal Gallego (La Coruna)

El Ideal Gallego is a Galician newspaper from A Coruña, Spain.

Euro Weekly News

Euro Weekly News offering the best news in Spain and regional and world news too. Euro Weekly News is the largest English newspaper in Spain.

El Día De Córdoba (Córdoba)

Cordoba News. All the News and Information of Córdoba and its Neighborhoods. Events, Services and Last Minute of Córdoba

El Socialista

El Socialista is a Spanish language socialist newspaper published in Madrid, Spain. The paper is the organ of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party.

Més (Tarragona)

MES is a monthly cultural newspaper in and about Barcelona. The articles, reviews, recommendations, and event listings are written by an international staff of contributors in English, Castellano, and Catalan. Content is written in the original version depending on the preferred language of the contributor.

Diario De Pontevedra (Pontevedra)

Diario de Pontevedra : Leading newspaper in the Pontevedra region : Caldas- Deza, O Morrazo, O Salnés. All the sport of Pontevedra .

Atlántico (Pontevedra)

The Atlantic covers news, politics, culture, technology, health, and more, through its articles, podcasts, videos, and flagship magazine.

Diario De Ferrol (La Coruna)

Diario de Ferrol is a Galician daily newspaper founded in Ferrol, Spain, in 1998 by Editorial La Capital. It is distributed mostly in the metropolitan area of Ferrolterra having an important section dedicated to local news.

Valle de Elda

Semanario of local information, sports, and entertainment. Local newspaper.

Aragón Digital (Prensa Digital)

Digital press and newspapers of Aragon.

La Cerca

La Cerca Epaper: Read the latest Spanish news online on a Daily basis Free available in La Cerca newspaper from Spain country.

Diario De Teruel (Teruel)

Teruel newspaper. Digital edition of the Teruel newspaper.

Diario Siglo XXI

Independent media with breaking news and opinion based on plurality and the participation of the reader. Founded in 2003.

Nueva Alcarria (Guadalajara)

From Nueva Alcarria and Guadalajara Media we offer this space, completely free of charge, to any establishment that offers these services.

El Adelantado de Segovia

Digital edition of ” El Adelantado “, the oldest newspaper of the Segovia press, founded in 1901 and the leader in broadcasting in Segovia and the Province.

El Día De Valladolid (Valladolid)

News from Valladolid and province. Local news of ValladolidValladolid digital newspaper. News and sports daily. Information of Valladolid.

Gente Digital Santander

Local, national, and international information. Local and thematic blogs. Information group GENTE · the national leader in free weekly press.

L’esportiu (Barcelona)

L’Esportiu, previously known as El 9 Esportiu, is a Catalan daily sports newspaper, based in Barcelona, Catalonia.

La Crónica De Badajoz (Badajoz)

La Crónica de Badajoz is a general information newspaper, with content mainly focused on current affairs in the city of Badajoz.

Periódico De Ibiza

Latest news from Ibiza and Formentera with the most complete news of the Pitiusas, with photos, videos, entertainment, interviews, debates, surveys.

Diario De Ávila (Ávila)

News from Ávila and province. The topicality of Avila and sports news. Local information of Ávila. Your digital news newspaper from Ávila.

Diario De Arousa (Pontevedra)

All the information and last-minute about Arousa . The news about Arousa and its area of ​​influence: News, events, local information, and opinion articles. is a Spanish online newspaper covering Navarre. It was founded in 2014 and crowdfunded. After the closure of and Steak Ireki ordered by the Audiencia Nacional and the latter.

Heraldo De Soria (Soria)

All the news of Soria and the province at the moment in your digital daily newspaper. Sports, tourism, services.

Diari De Terrassa (Barcelona)

Diari de Terrassa is a daily newspaper in Terrassa, Spain covering local news, sports, business, and community events. Register for Free Basic Membership.

El Raspeig

Find San Vicente del Raspeig Spain newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV stations.

El Dia (Toledo)

El Nuevo Día is the newspaper with the highest circulation in Puerto Rico. It was founded in 1909 in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and today it is a subsidiary of GFR Media. Its headquarters are in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Diario Palentino (Palencia)

News from Palencia and province. The topicality of Palencia and sports news. Local information of Palencia. Your digital newspaper of Palencia news.

Majorca Daily Bulletin

All the very latest local news, sport, crime, comment, tourism, and what’s on for English-speaking residents in the Balearic Islands. Information in English.

Noticias De La Rioja

All the information and news about La Rioja . Last minute in La Rioja . News from Logroño, Arnedo, Calahorra, Nájera, Alfaro, Santo Domingo.

El Jurista

El Jurista is a digital newspaper specialized in the legal field. News, legal analysis, opinions, and interviews of the legal sector.


bezes was a digital newspaper from Spain, published in Spanish. The digital newspaper is national in scope

El Triangle

El Triangle is a weekly general information magazine published in Barcelona, Spain, specializing in investigative journalism. It was founded by the journalist Jaume Reixach in 1990. The average paper circulation is 10,000 copies.

El Economico

El Economico Akhbar Newspaper ePaper Today Edition Read Online Free Publishing in Spanish (español) From Spain.

El Vallenc

El Valencia offers its services in the city of Valls, El Vallenc newspaper contains up-to-date information about what happens in Spain.


BCN MES is a monthly cultural newspaper in and about Barcelona. The articles, reviews, recommendations, and event listings are written by an international staff of contributors in English, Castellano, and Catalan. Content is written in the original version depending on the preferred language of the contributor.


The center in Madrid’s Hortaleza neighborhood was evacuated Wednesday … about the incident, according to the El Mundo newspaper.

El Noticiero (Málaga)

El Noticiero (The News) is a Venezuelan news program, it broadcasts daily on Televen. (Canarias)

Local and current news from the Canary Islands Tenerife Gran Canaria Lanzarote Fuerteventura La Gomera La Palma El Hierro and Spain.

Guada News

Discover the latest news from Union San Agustin del Guada, the players that make up your team, live results, Table, Stats, transfers, photos, and much more.

La Tribuna de Cuenca

Cuenca and province news. Cuenca local news. Digital newspaper for news of Cuenca. News and sports daily. Cuenca information.

La Voz de Barcelona

La Voz de Barcelona was a Barcelona digital newspaper of political information about Catalonia written in Spanish. It has been inactive since March 2013.

Avance Deportivo

Avance Deportivo is a Spanish sports newspaper published in Malaga by the Grupo Avance Deportivo Multimedia. Its director is the journalist Laura Pérez.

Ejea Digital (Prensa Digital)

Ejea digital, the first dynamic, and multimedia newspaper in Aragon, founded in 2001.

El Faro Astorgano (León)

El Faro is an online digital newspaper, founded in 1998. The newspaper claims to be the first exclusively digital newspaper in Latin America Jorge Simán.

Cartelera Arandina

Cartelera Arandina is the most widely distributed regional publication in Aranda de Duero and the Region.

El Decano Deportivo (Sevilla)

News, information and current affairs of Real Betis, Sevilla FC and Sevillian sport in El Decano Deportivo – El Correo de Andalucía.

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