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Venezuela newspapers and news sites

El Nacional

Leading Spanish-language newspaper published in Caracas, Venezuela. The newspaper was established in 1943. El Nacional is a Venezuelan publishing company under the name C.A. Editorial El Nacional, most widely known for its El Nacional newspaper and website.


Aporrea is a Venezuelan website that publishes news and opinions from a left-wing perspective. It ranks as the fourth most visited local political site in the country, according to site metrics, and it claims to be the first among local independent left-leaning outlets.


Gazeta Panorama is a newspaper published in Albania. It is among the best-selling newspapers in the country and the most visited website in Albanian territory. Gazeta Panorama, published by Panorama Group, the largest newspaper in Albania, the latest news at any time, daily, independent.

Últimas Noticias

Últimas Noticias is a daily newspaper in Venezuela, British-owned and characterized by The Guardian as a “pro-Maduro tabloid”. Últimas Noticias was founded in Caracas on 16 September 1941 after the pro-freedom measures implemented by President Medina Angarita.

La Patilla

A leading news website in Venezuela. La Patilla (English: The Watermelon) is a Venezuelan news website that was founded by Alberto Federico Ravell, co-founder and former CEO of Globovisión.


Notitarde is a major newspaper printed in the Central Region of Venezuela. Based in the city of Valencia in Carabobo State, it also circulates in the United Aragua, Cojedes, the east coast of Falcón and Yaracuy, and with less traffic directed to Caracas. Despite its name, Notitarde is a morning newspaper.

El Carabobeño

El Carabobeño has been one of the most popular newspapers in the Central Region of Venezuela. The offices of the newspaper are located in Naguanagua, north of the city of Valencia in the state of Carabobo. Its main competitor in the area is Notitarde.

El Universal

One of the top selling Spanish-language newspapers in Venezuela. El Universal is a Mexican newspaper based in Mexico City. El Universal was founded by Félix Palavicini and Emilio Rabasa in October 1916, in the city of Santiago de Queretaro to cover the end of the Mexican Revolution and the creation of the new Mexican Constitution.


NTN24 is a Colombian free-to-air and cable television news channel, owned by Grupo RCN and operated by RCN Televisión. NTN24 was launched on 3 November 2008 with journalist Claudia Gurisatti appointed as the channel’s first editorial director. Its main headquarters are located in Bogotá, Colombia.


Primiciasnews is the only bilingual newspaper (English-Spanish) for young people between 8 and 14 years old that covers large and small events.

‎Caraota Digital

Caraota Digital Top News Stories. Stay current with all the latest news from Caraota Digital here and with perspectives from other news sources.


Running news from a UK perspective.

Noticia al Dia‎

News from Maracaibo and Events from Zulia 24 hours a day in Venezuela.

Cactus 24

El Tubazo Digital

El Tubazo Digital -Diary with news from Guárico, Venezuela and Internationals, Farándula, Sports, Events, Politics, Economy, among others.

Version Final

South Africans lauded by Johannesburg-based newspaper Mail and Guardian for making a difference in South Africa.

Noticiero Digital

Noticiero Digital is Venezuelan news and opinion website headquartered in Caracas, described by Reporters Without Borders as “a popular website that is critical of President Hugo Chávez”.


La Nacion

La Nación is an Argentine daily newspaper. As the country’s leading conservative paper, La Nación’s main competitor is the centrist Clarín. It is also regarded as a Newspaper of record. Its motto is: “La Nación will be a tribune of doctrine.”


Informe21 is a news, opinion and analysis website dedicated to Venezuelan and Latin-american topics. The website was founded by Venezuelan politician

Diario 2001 (Caracas)

2001 is a Venezuelan newspaper. It was established by Bloque De Armas in 1973, launching its first edition on 2 July 1973 under the directorship of Rafael Poleo.

Venezuela al Dia

Venezuela Al Dia newspaper from Doral, Florida and thousands more online newspapers at the Paperboy

SuNoticiero (news portal)

la iguana

El Impulso

La Verdad de Monagas (Maturin)

La Prensa de Lara (Barquisimeto)

El Tiempo

La Calle


Noti Falcon‎

Tane Tanae Asi Paso

La Verdad de Monagas

Ciudad VLC

Asi es Margarita‎

Diario Contraste‎

Noticias Col

‎La Verdad


‎Noticias Barquisimeto

El Nuevo Pais‎

Correo del Orinoco

Tal Cual

El Siglo

Regional newspaper based in Maracay, Aragua.

El Tiempo (Puerto La Cruz)

El Periodico de Monagas

The latest news on Recent News at elperiodicodemonagas ✅ Latest news, photos and information on Recent News.

El Aragueno (Maracay)

El Aragüeño is a Venezuelan newspaper in Spanish, with a daily circulation

Sol de Margarita

El Sol de Margarita is a Venezuelan newspaper that circulates daily on Margarita Island and Coche Island.

El Periodiquito (Maracay)

Analitica (Caracas)

Follow Analytics for the latest news on politics, economics, sports , events, arts and entertainment, music, health, stylish living, trends,

El Vigia (El Vigia)

La Voz

Los Andes

Nuevo Dia (Coro)

Mundo Oriental (El Tigre)

El Diario de Guayana

Las Verdades de Miguel

Noti Espartano

Las Noticias de Cojedes‎

Valera Noticias

Diario Republica

Vargas es Noticia

‎Noticias Carabobo

El Caroreno

Tachira News

Que Pasa

Correo del Caroni (Ciudad Guayana)

Quinto Dia (Caracas)

Avance (Los Teques)

El Informador

El Informador is an independent, daily newspaper published and headquartered in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. El Informador was founded by Jesús Álvarez del Castillo on October 5, 1917.

La Región

La Región is a daily newspaper in the city and province of Ourense, in the Southeastern part of Galicia, an autonomous community (region) of Spain. Founded in 1910, most of its stock still belongs to the founding Outeiriño family.

Diario Caribazo (Porlamar)

La Voce d’Italia (Caracas)

La Razon (Caracas)

Barinas (Portal)

Metropolitano (Barcelona)

El Expreso (Ciudad Bolivar)

La Hora

Mundo Israelita


Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN)

National news agency of Venezuela. AVN is a part of the Ministry of Communication and Information (MCI).

ABC de La Semana

Noti Zulia

La Voce d’Italia

Correio da Venezuela

‎Digital 58

Tachira 24 Horas‎


30 Minutos Tachira‎

30 Minutos Tachira Media Listing in the Venezuela Media Directory Maintained by EIN Presswire.

Trujillo Digital‎

El Vigia‎

Bien Dateao

Bien Dateao Media Listing in the Venezuela Media Directory Maintained by EIN Presswire.

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