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Macedonian Newspapers and News Sites Full List

Nova Makedonija (Нова Македонија)

Nova Makedonija is the oldest daily newspaper in the Republic of North Macedonia. It was established with the decision of the presidium of ASNOM and published by NIP Nova Makedonija.

Vecer (Вечер)

Večer is a daily newspaper in North Macedonia. The first issue of Večer was published on 11 November 1963 by NIP Nova Makedonija. Its current managing editor is Vesna Mikik Bozinovska and deputy manager is Elizabeta Arsoska. It is published every day, except Sunday.

Skopje Diem

Skopje Diem News is the English News of Macedonia which belongs to the European region.

Makedonsko Sonce

Makedonsko Sonce is a monthly magazine published in North Macedonia. The title means “Macedonian Sun”, referring to the Vergina Sun, which is used in the logo of the magazine. It was established by Gjorgija Atanasoski and the first edition was published on June 24, 1994.


Makfax is an independent news agency in the Republic of North Macedonia. It is the first private news agency in North Macedonia and the southeast European region, founded in 1992. Starting from May 1993, it has been broadcasting news continuously for more than 15 years.

Macedonia Information Centre (MIC)

Macedonian Information Centre (MIC; Macedonian: Македонски информативен центар МИЦ) is an independent news agency in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Net Press (Нет Прес)

Net Press is an independent internet news agency in the Republic of North Macedonia. Net Press’s primary task is providing news, information and analyses in the Macedonian language. Net Press was founded in January 2007 and is based in Skopje.


Yeni Balkan


Kurir is a daily tabloid newspaper published in Belgrade, Serbia.


makedonija24 : Sports


‎Kajgana is an independent Macedonian language web portal launched in January 2005. With over 1,000,000 unique visitors per month, it is currently the most visited Macedonian web portal.


Kanal 5 is a national, privately owned, television channel in the Republic of North Macedonia. It was founded in its current form in 1998. The network’s main office is in Skopje, and also has smaller studios in other bigger cities all around North Macedonia.

‎Sakam da kazham





Republika is an Indonesian national daily newspaper. The newspaper is known, and described itself, as a publication for the Muslim community.




Plus info


Sitel TV

Sitel Television is the second private television channel in North Macedonia.

Kanal 77

Radio Kanal 77 is a private national radio station broadcasting in North Macedonia, with its headquarters located in Štip, and studios located in Skopje and Bitola. It started broadcasting in 1991, and since then it is one of the most listened to radios in North Macedonia.

Antenna 5 FM

Antenna 5 Radio Network is a number 1 hits radio station in North Macedonia. Antenna 5 Radio Network was founded in 1994 as a contemporary hits radio station. In 1999 it became the first private national radio station in the country.

Gazeta Express

Gazeta Express is a news portal owned by MediaWorks in the Republic of Kosovo. A new media company founded in 2005 by a group of senior editors and journalists with financing from IPKO, Kosovo’s leading private telecommunications company.

‎Sport Media

‎idi vidi


Puls 24‎


MK News

MK was a local weekly free newspaper and online news service, based in Milton Keynes.

Ekonomski Lider

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