Full List of Malaysian Newspapers and Online News Sites

List of Malaysian Newspapers


Get the latest Malaysian news stories and opinions with a focus on National, Regional, Sarawak and World News, as well as reports from Parliament and Court.

Harian Metro

Harian Metro, Malaysia’s first Malay daily afternoon tabloid in Klang Valley and morning tabloid in other parts of Malaysia was established on 25 March 1991. It is now Malaysia’s largest circulating newspaper in any language.

Utusan Malaysia

Utusan Malaysia is a Malaysian Malay-language daily newspaper. Formerly owned by the Utusan Group, the newspaper is currently owned by Media Mulia. Distinctive of its blue masthead as its logo and trademark, Utusan Malaysia is the oldest Malay-language newspaper in Malaysia and the world.

China Press (中國報)

China Press is a Malaysian Chinese-language newspaper set up by Henry Lee Hau Shik and first published on 1 February 1946 in Kuala Lumpur. On 13 May 1969, China Press was suspended for a month following its publication of a court news item after the 13 May Incident.

Berita Harian

BH is a Malay-language daily newspaper published in Malaysia owned by the New Straits Times Press. It was first published on 1 July 1957 as the first mainstream newspaper in Malaysia. Its Sunday Edition, BH Ahad, was launched on 10 July 1960.

Sin Chew Daily (星洲日報)

Sin Chew Daily, formerly known as Sin Chew Jit Poh, is a leading Chinese-language newspaper in Malaysia.

New Straits Times

The New Straits Times is an English-language newspaper published in Malaysia. It is Malaysia’s oldest newspaper still in print having been founded as The Straits Times in 1845, and was re-established as the New Straits Times in 1974. The paper served as Malaysia’s only broadsheet format English-language newspaper.

Oriental Daily News (华侨日报)

Oriental Daily News is one of Malaysia’s daily Chinese-language newspapers, published in broadsheet format. It was officially launched on New Year’s Day 2003. The newspaper group is owned by KTS Group, a Sarawak timber company founded by late Datuk Lau Hui Kang.


Kosmo! is a Malay language compact format newspaper tabloid in Malaysia owned by the Utusan Group, which also owns Kosmo!’s Sunday paper Kosmo! Ahad, Utusan Malaysia, and Mingguan Malaysia. It is available in Malaysia at most newsstands.

Malay Mail

The Malay Mail is a newspaper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, first published on 1 December 1896 when Kuala Lumpur was the capital of the then-new Federated Malay States, making it the first daily newspaper to appear in the FMS.

Kwong Wah Yit Poh (光华日报)

Kwong Wah Yit Poh or Kwong Wah Daily is a Malaysian Chinese daily that was founded on 20 December 1910 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen. The idea of publishing the Kwang Hwa Pao or ‘Glorious Chinese Newspaper’ was originally conceived when Dr Sun, Hu Hanmin, Huang Xing and Wang Jingwei visited Penang in 1907.

Sinar Harian

Sinar Harian is a Malay language daily newspaper published in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia in a compact format.

Nanyang Siang Pau (南洋商報)

Nanyang Siang Pau or Nanyang Business Daily was founded by philanthropist-entrepreneur Tan Kah Kee on 6 September 1923 in Singapore, currently published in Malaysia. Nanyang Siang Pau is one of the oldest Chinese-language newspapers in the country, with only Kwong Wah Yit Poh having been published longer.

Guang Ming Daily (光明日报)

Guang Ming Daily is a Chinese-language newspaper published in Malaysia. Formerly known as Sin Pin Jit Poh or Sin Pin Daily, it was founded by Aw Boon Haw who also started the Sin Chew Daily. Sin Pin Daily was headquartered in Penang. It stopped publishing in 1986 after major changes in management.

Borneo Post

The Borneo Post, established in 1978, is the largest and widest read English-language daily newspaper in East Malaysia.

The Sun

The Sun is Malaysia’s first national free daily newspaper in tabloid form. Available from Mondays to Fridays except on public holidays, with a target audience of white-collar workers and urban youth. It is published by Sun Media Corporation Sdn Bhd, which is part of the Berjaya Media Group.


Harakah is a newspaper founded in 1987 and published by PAS. In addition to using the Malay language, the paper includes an 8-page English language pullout consisting of pages and columns written in English called the English Section. A page in Jawi writing was introduced in 2007.

Daily Express

The Daily Express is an English-language newspaper in Sabah, Malaysia and the sister newspaper of the Overseas Chinese Daily News. It was founded by Tan Sri Yeh Pao Tzu and it was first issued on 1 March 1963. It is published in English, Malay and Kadazan.

The Star

The Star is an English-language newspaper in Malaysia. Based in Petaling Jaya, it was established in 1971 as a regional newspaper in Penang. It is the largest paid English newspaper in terms of circulation in Malaysia, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

See Hua Daily News

See Hua Daily News is the largest and best-selling Chinese-language daily newspaper on the island of Borneo. It is widely circulated in the Sultanate of Brunei and the Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah, all on the northern coast of the island.

United Daily

United Daily News is a newspaper published in Taiwan. It is considered to support the Pan-Blue Coalition in its editorials.

The Edge (business newspaper)

The Edge Media Group is the publisher of business and financial publications in Malaysia and Singapore. Its portfolio includes: The Edge Malaysia – a business and investment weekly. Available in both print and digital formats, The Edge Malaysia hit the streets in 1994.

Malaysian Reserve

The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) is a business news and information provider. It is owned and published by TMR Media Sdn Bhd. Started in May 2007.

Focus Malaysia

Focus Malaysia helps you stay ahead with the latest developments in business, politics & current affairs.

International Times

International Times is the name of various underground newspapers, with the original title founded in London in 1966 and running until October 1973. Editors included Hoppy, David Mairowitz, Roger Hutchinson, Peter Stansill, Barry Miles, Jim Haynes and playwright Tom McGrath.

New Sabah Times

The New Sabah Times is a newspaper in Sabah, Malaysia. The Sabah Times commenced publication on 21st January 1953, published by Donald Stephens and had a daily circulation of approximately 1000. It was the only English language daily newspaper.

Overseas Chinese Daily News (华侨日报)

Overseas Chinese Daily News is a Chinese-language newspaper in Malaysia.

List of Malaysian News Sites


Malaysiakini is an online news portal published in Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil. Malaysiakini claims that its site now receives over 2.3 million page-views per day on desktop and mobile. Alexa ranked malaysiakini.com as the 13th most popular website in Malaysia in 2015.

‎Astro Awani

Astro Awani is a Malaysian pay television news channel. Its programming consists of news and programs, including current affairs, lifestyle, documentaries, interview programs and a local and international magazine. The channel was launched on 6 September 2007 as part of the revamp of Astro’s news division.


KiniTV is an internet TV where viewers play an active role in shaping the news agenda and disseminating news items, revolutionizing the delivery of independence.

Malaysia Today

Malaysia Today is a Malaysian news blog founded in August 2004.


SAYS curates Malaysia’s biggest stories, simplifying the latest news on politics, entertainment, fun, trending topics, and more.

List of Ethnic/Multicultural Newspapers and News Sites

Vanakkam Malaysia

Vanakkam Malaysia online daily is the leading Tamil news site in Malaysia and since its inception in 2003

Maleisië Nieuws

Maleisië Nieuws is a news aggregator that collects and distributes Dutch news articles in Malaysia. The site is maintained from the city of Seri Kembangan near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Malaysia Nanban (in Tamil)

The Malaysia Nanban is a Tamil daily newspaper based in Malaysia, one of only three Tamil-language dailies in the country, alongside the Makkal Osai and the Tamil Nesan.

Tamil Nesan

The Tamil Nesan was a Tamil language newspaper published in Malaysia. Established in 1924, it was the oldest running Tamil newspaper in the country until its disestablishment in 2019.

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