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Evenimentul Zilei

Evenimentul zilei was one of the leading newspapers in Romania. Its name means “The event of the day”.


Daily newspaper published in Bucharest, Romania. The newspaper featuring news and information on politics, sports, local & foreign news, movies and more.


Bursa is a Romanian language business newspaper published in Bucharest, Romania. The paper was started in 1990. It is part of Multimedia Inc and is published by Press Group from Monday to Friday. The paper offers articles about the financial and capital markets in Romania.


Cotidianul is a Romanian language newspaper published in Bucharest, Romania.

Adevărul (The Truth)

Adevărul is a Romanian daily newspaper, based in Bucharest. Founded in Iași, in 1871, and reestablished in 1888, in Bucharest, it was the main left-wing press venue to be published during the Romanian.


Gândul is a Romanian online newspaper published in Bucharest. It was founded in May 2005 by Mircea Dinescu, who used to write a daily editorial called “Vorba lu’ Dinescu”, and Cristian Tudor Popescu, who was also the editor-in-chief until January 2008. Its initial circulation was about 52,000.

Gazeta Sporturilor

Gazeta Sporturilor is a daily Romanian newspaper, and the country’s largest and most-read sports-related publication. It is owned by Ringier Sportal S.R.L—the joint venture of Ringier Romania S.R.L. and the Bulgarian Sportal Media Group.

România Liberă

România liberă is a Romanian daily newspaper founded in 1943 and currently based in Bucharest. A newspaper of the same name also existed between 1877 and 1888.

Ziarul Financiar

Ziarul Financiar is a daily financial newspaper published in Bucharest, Romania. Aside from business information, it features sections focusing on careers and properties, as well as a special Sunday newspaper.


Libertatea is a Romanian Daily newspaper and online news website covering current affairs, entertainment, sports and lifestyle. It was founded on December 22, 1989, by Octavian Andronic, as “the first independent newspaper of the Romanian Revolution of 1989”.

Jurnalul Naţional

Jurnalul Național is a Romanian newspaper, part of the INTACT Media Group led by Dan Voiculescu, which also includes the popular television station Antena.


Krónika is the sole Hungarian-language Romanian newspaper of national circulation. It is based in Cluj-Napoca. The circulation is approximately 80,000.

Új Magyar Szó

Új Magyar Szó was a Hungarian-language Romanian broadsheet newspaper, based in Bucharest. It had one of the largest audiences of all Hungarian-language papers in Romania; its readership was estimated at 40,000. Since 2012, only an online edition is accessible.


Transindex is a Hungarian online newspaper published in Romania.


Szabadság is a Hungarian-language local daily newspaper published in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Its average circulation is about 7,000-8,000 copies a day, with a readership up to 40,000 readers.

Curierul Național

Curierul Naţional (The National Courier in Romanian) is a Romanian daily newspaper published in Bucharest.

Local and national news from Romania.


Romania’s leading online newspaper.


Click! is a Romanian tabloid newspaper owned by Adevărul Holding media company. In 2009, Click! had the top sales in Romania, with 208,903 sold on the issue.


Capital (Capital in Romanian) is a Romanian financial and economic weekly magazine.

Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung für Rumänien

The Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung für Romania (ADZ) is a German-language daily newspaper based in Romania.

The Diplomat – Bucharest

The Diplomat is an international online news magazine covering politics, society, and culture in the Indo-Pacific region. It is based in Washington, D.C.


ProSport was a daily Romanian newspaper, the country’s 2nd largest and most-read sports-related publication after Gazeta Sporturilor. It was owned by PubliMedia International. It was launched in July 1997 by the Media Pro, the biggest media trust in Eastern Europe.

Opinia Transilvană

Opinia Transilvana este o organizatie media care publica investigatii jurnalistice atat la nivel local cat si regional.

Ziarul Unirea

Ziarul Unirea was a newspaper published at Blaj, in the Transylvania region, which was administered by the Kingdom of Hungary and eventually became part of Romania in 1920. Appearing between January 3, 1891, and March 24, 1945, it was an official publication of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church.


News Arad newspaper from Arad, Romania.

Ziarul Argeşul

Curierul Zilei

Curierul Zilei newspaper from Pitesti, Romania

Desteptarea de Bacau

Ziarul de Bacău


Monitorul Oficial al României is the official gazette of Romania, in which all the promulgated bills, presidential decrees, governmental ordinances and other major legal acts are published.

Buna ziua Brasov

Monitorul Expres


‎Hot News

HotNews is one of the oldest and biggest Romanian news sites focused mainly on general topics, finance, politics, and current affairs. The website constantly publishes news, interviews, video documentaries, and opinion pieces.

‎ provides Romanian newspapers, press reviews, Romanian magazines on the Internet.


Realitatea TV is the former name of the Romanian news television channel Realitatea Plus. The channel began broadcasting in 2001 as a general-profile television and became the first Romanian news television in 2002. Its owners are Romanian politician Cozmin Guşă and businessman Maricel Păcuraru.


Mediafax is a Romanian media company headquartered in Bucharest and founded in 1991. It is a part of the MediaPro Group and its primary line of business is a news and photography service.

Romania tv‎

România TV is a 24-hour Romanian alternative news television, launched on 23 October 2011. It was formed by the entrepreneur Sebastian Ghiță when the new owner of Realitatea TV, Elan Schwartzenberg, moved the headquarters of the television at Willbrook Platinum, being joined by a group of people.

Buna Ziua Iasi

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is a serif typeface. It was commissioned by the British newspaper The Times in 1931 and conceived by Stanley Morison, the artistic adviser to the British branch of the printing equipment company Monotype, in collaboration with Victor Lardent, a lettering artist in The Times’s advertising department.


Zoso’s blog

Gazeta de Sud

‎Adevarul de Arad

Bihor Online‎



Alba 24

Monitorul de Cluj‎

Observatorul PH‎

Cronica Romana


Curentul is a Romanian newspaper, based in Bucharest. It was founded in January 1928 by Pamfil Șeicaru and relaunched in October 1997. Before 1944, Șeicaru had written daily the main editorial of Curentul since 1928.

Buna Ziua Constanta

Cuget Liber


Ziua de Constanta

Cuvantul Libertatii


Hermannstadter Zeitung

The Hermannstädter Zeitung is a German-language weekly newspaper that appears on Fridays in Hermannstadt (Sibiu) in Transylvania, Romania.


Graiul Salajului

Monitorul de Suceava

Stirile pe scurt

Ziarul Lumina


An independent media outlet founded in 2010, Romania Insider runs online & print media – including a Romania travel guide in English, as well as provides editorial services (Romania Press Review in English for executives) and organizes events. Since April 2020, Romania Insider has its own community membership program.

Nine O’Clock

Nine O’Clock is a Romanian English-language newspaper. Founded in 1991, it consisted only of 4 pages when it was launched, but has since then grown significantly in size and influence. Its main target audience is foreign residents, businessmen living in Romania and English-speaking Romanians.

Diaspora Romaneasca

Romanian newspaper based in London, UK, both printed and online, which focuses on the Romanian communities worldwide.

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